• Time
    10am - 8pm
  • Venue
    R&F Mall
  • Type
    Sharing & Caring

Kita Jaga Kamu - Support The Community

COVID-19 affects us all - ourselves, our kids, our communities and beyond.

At R&F Mall, we are committed to supporting our community, especially those who are most vulnerable and donating money to local charities isn't the only way you can us can back to your local community.

We would like to call on everyone to make contributions to out food bank & necessary items initiative. We accept donations of all kinds of food and groceries such as bulk dry goods, halal canned food, and personal hygiene products etc.

This charity drive is launched in partnership with Jaya Grocer and Lions Clubs International.

The details are as follow:

  • Collection Point - In front of Jaya Grocer
  • Time : 10am - 8pm

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